Tesla Software Update: Fullscreen Browser Turns Car into Office

Tesla has introduced a feature with update 2024.14 that significantly enhances the use of the integrated browser in its vehicles. From now on, thanks to the Tesla software update, it’s possible to use the browser in fullscreen mode when the car is parked or connected to a charging station. This update transforms the Tesla vehicle into a mobile office and, in combination with a Microsoft 365 Cloud PC or an Azure Virtual Desktop, provides a full-fledged Windows PC in the car.

Tesla Software Update

The Fullscreen Browser: More Than Just a Gimmick

The fullscreen mode of the Tesla browser is not just a visual update but opens up entirely new possibilities. Users can now view websites and web applications in full size without distractions from other vehicle interface elements. This not only improves the browsing experience but also makes it more practical to perform extensive tasks directly in the vehicle.

Microsoft 365 Cloud PC and Azure Virtual Desktop: The Key to Productivity

In combination with a Microsoft 365 Cloud PC or an Azure Virtual Desktop, the vehicle with the Tesla software update becomes, without exaggeration, a real workplace. These solutions allow access to a full-fledged Windows desktop, including all necessary applications and files. Whether you need to prepare an important presentation, answer emails, or work on extensive spreadsheets – all of this is now possible directly in the vehicle.

Usage is carried out via the Tesla touchscreen and an on-screen virtual keyboard, making navigation and text input as easy as on a tablet or smartphone.

ezeep Blue: Printing Made Easy

A special highlight of the “Tesla Office” is the ability to print documents directly. With our cloud print solution ezeep Blue, users can seamlessly send their print jobs to a printer in the office or a mobile printer in the vehicle.

This is especially useful when heading to a meeting and needing to quickly print important documents. The print job is simply sent to the desired printer via the fullscreen browser in a Tesla, and the documents are ready upon arrival at the office

Mobile Printing in a Tesla

For even more flexibility, it is possible to use a mobile printer directly in Teslas. This is particularly practical for business travelers who need to print quickly and easily on the go. Whether contracts, reports, or other important documents – with ezeep Blue and a mobile printer in the car, you can print at once and anywhere.

Security and Data Protection

Tesla places significant importance on the security and protection of its users’ data. All connections, including those to Microsoft 365 Cloud PC, Azure Virtual Desktop, and ezeep Blue, are protected by modern encryption technologies. This ensures that sensitive information is always securely transmitted.

With the Tesla Software Update, the Car Becomes a Modern Office

With the Tesla software update 2024.14 and the fullscreen browser, a Tesla in combination with Microsoft’s cloud-based solutions and ezeep Blue’s printing services becomes a fully-fledged workplace.

Tesla once again shows the possibilities that lie in innovative software updates. Whether for business travelers, digital nomads, or anyone looking to make the most of their time in the car – the new fullscreen browser is a real improvement.