The Truth Behind Coworking Spaces and Corporate Workplaces

Often, the assumption is that coworking is new, completely different and disruptive. But is that really accurate? Find out in this video, featuring ezeep CEO Christoph Hammer.

Christoph Hammer, ezeep’s CEO, gives his opinion on why coworking spaces are so popular

We at ezeep believe that coworking is a kind of evolution of the ordinary workplace. And the leap is actually not as big as you might think.

High Overheads Are Not Always Necessary

When you look at companies with a long history, it was common for them to own their own buildings. They had to take care of the maintenance of the building itself too.

But now, it’s not common for companies to own their building at all.

Large corporations tend to build and pay for the facilities they need before selling it and leasing it back. By doing this, they can focus more on their own business and save valuable resources in competitive markets.

This common scenario is not too different from the premise and logic behind coworking. Coworking companies basically go a step further and just rent the workspace they need for their team. The cost-saving aspect behind this strategic decision remains the same.

Coworking is Everywhere

The modern workplace involves people working and collaborating to get projects done. It doesn’t matter what kind of infrastructure a business depends upon, people work collaboratively everywhere.

Corporate office spaces have exactly the same demands. They have people who have projects who need to collaborate. Otherwise they could just sit at home. The desire to set up coworking spaces is therefore ubiquitous to many office-based working environments.

Trendy and Smart

Coworking definitely has some evolutionary characteristics. The classic coworking strategy is more convenient for some organizations because it allows them to outsource even more aspects that are not part of their core business. Businesses using these types of spaces tend to have more flexibility and can simply pay for a place to work with the amenities they need.

And at the same time workers, whether for a company or working freelance, can become part of a community where they can exchange ideas and meet new people. The working experience can actually become a lot more enjoyable than the standard nine-to-five experience many workers face every day. For some, it can help keep the mind fresh via the frequent exposure to new people working on different projects in dissimilar ways.