ezeep Blue: A Free Google Cloud Print Alternative

Google Cloud Print has been discontinued. Yet there is no need to worry – ezeep Blue offers a free Google Cloud Print alternative. Download the app for iOS and Android now!

Whatever the technology, whatever the device, a cloud printing service makes stabile, easy printing possible. However, now that Google Cloud Print has been discontinued, which alternatives are available?

For many private consumers and some businesses, Google Cloud Print provided a reliable solution to the frustrating issue of printer connectivity.

Although clicking on “Print” is a simple action, in truth it is a complex process that involves a lot of behind-the-scenes processes. As we explained elsewhere, the power of the cloud can really help solve printing issues, which to some extent explains Google Cloud Print’s popularity.

Now that Google Cloud Print has been discontinued, many people are searching for a Google Cloud Print alternative. ezeep Blue offers a completely free Google Cloud Print alternative for both desktops and iOS or Android devices.

What Google Cloud Print Did Well

First things first, Google Cloud Print did a lot of things right.

Released in 2011, Google Cloud Print was a consumer-orientated cloud printing service which connected any application to a cloud-enabled home printer.

Most importantly, Google Cloud Print did a great job of proving how printing problems are easily solved via a cloud-based platform. Print jobs, sent from any device on cloud computing infrastructure, are rendered in the cloud and sent back to the target printer in a format it understands.

It therefore freed users from having to download printer drivers, reduced compatibility errors and allowed users to share printers with their friends and family.

It was also free, relatively easy to use and already integrated into some printers, meaning printers could be made available over the internet without needing new hardware or software.

Time For a Long Overdue Upgrade

However, although it was marketed as enterprise-ready, any larger organization, regulated industry, coworking space or educational institution knew that it never really was a complete printing service.

In that sense, although the discontinuation of Google Cloud Print has frustrated some, finding a new Google Cloud Print alternative brings a lot of benefits.

Given all of the limitations that Google Cloud Print had, it is actually a great opportunity to upgrade to a better cloud printing solution. Plenty of Google Cloud Print alternatives are on the market too.

ezeep Blue: The Free Google Cloud Print Alternative

One alternative which you might want to consider is ezeep Blue. It’s a solution that manages printing in the cloud, just like Google Cloud Print, yet offers much greater value and supports a wider range of scenarios and users.

Once a Berlin-based startup, we’ve built a reputation for being a standard bearer in the area of mobile and cloud printing. We formally introduced our cloud printing service 15 years ago and have been perfecting it ever since.

With one-time setup and configuration, users, printers and policies can be managed remotely, eliminating the need for internal IT maintenance and individual driver installation, while providing seamless desktop and mobile printing for users. Our handy little ezeep Hub – about the size of two decks of cards – can replaces all printer servers in your environment too.

All essential features for professionals, like printer assignment, support and security are comprehensibly covered, making it a great Google Cloud Print alternative for both small and large organizations.

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