The Benefits of an Enterprise-Grade Google Cloud Print Alternative

Google Cloud Print has been discontinued. Which Google Cloud Print alternative is best suited for professional use? Luckily, there are many enterprise-grade cloud printing services out there – read on to learn about how they can help.

ezeep: a great cloud printing service and Google Cloud Print alternative
Whatever the technology, whatever the device, a cloud printing service makes stabile, easy printing possible. However, is there a better Google Cloud Print alternative on the market?

For many private consumers and some businesses, Google Cloud Print provided a reliable solution to the frustrating issue of printer connectivity.

Although clicking on “print” is a simple action, in truth it is a complex process that involves a lot of behind-the-scenes processes. As we explained elsewhere, the power of the cloud can really help solve printing issues, which to some extent explains Google Cloud Print’s popularity.

Bad news then, that Google Cloud Print has be discontinued, or is it?

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Solving Consumer Printing Problems: What Was Google Cloud Print?

Some of you out there might be asking: “Wait, what was Google Cloud Print again?”

Well, here is a quick recap: Google Cloud Print, released in 2011, was essentially a consumer-orientated cloud printing service which connected any application to a cloud-enabled home printer.

This freed users from having to download printer drivers, reduced compatibility errors and allowed users to share printers with friends and family.

Google Cloud Print did a great job of proving how printing problems are easily solved via a cloud-based platform.

However, although it was marketed as enterprise-ready, any somewhat larger business, coworking space or educational institution knew it was never truly a complete printing service.

The discontinuation of Google Cloud Print is actually a great opportunity to upgrade to a better cloud printing solution, and luckily there are plenty of Google Cloud Print alternatives on the market.

Time to Switch: How Did Google Cloud Print Fall Short?

First things first, Google Cloud Print did a lot of things right.

Google Cloud print was free, relatively easy to use and already integrated into some printers, meaning printers could be made available over the internet without needing new hardware or software.

Most importantly, Google Cloud Print opted for the correct approach with a public cloud-based printing service. Print jobs, sent from any device on cloud computing infrastructure, are rendered in the cloud and sent back to the target printer in a format it understands.

Alternative to Google Cloud Print: This diagram illustrates the market size of the Public Cloud Services industry. It is forecasted to grow from 182.4 billion in 2018 to 331.2 billion by 2022.
Leveraging the cloud is advantageous for many reasons, and awareness of the benefits of professional cloud services has grown at an astonishing rate. As recent figures show, organizations are outsourcing key processes to cloud-based servers in order to reduce their on-premise footprint. Mobile printing is growing too, with the bring-your-own-device trend providing continuous access and mobility.

A free Google Cloud Print alternative aimed at ordinary consumers is ThinPrint Cloud Printer. It provides the same functionality as Google Cloud Print and helps you connect your devices to a Wi-Fi printer.

That being said, organizations face more problems than how to enable reliable printing to all Wi-Fi printers.

Here are some things professionals miss out on with a cloud printing service like Google Cloud Print:

  1. Cost controls. Identify where you might be losing money, any underused or overused printers and check if printing for each printer is being optimized.
  2. The ability to provide printing as a service. Easily offer students and users the ability to print, handle billing easily and manage the service remotely.
  3. Automatic printer assignment based on existing AD privileges. Easily deliver a strong level of control over which groups have access to which printers, all based on existing user rights.
  4. Printer restrictions and controls: Restrict expensive printers with costly maintenance to the teams which really need them. Even specific features can be restricted with an enterprise-grade cloud printing service.
  5. A solution for larger groups. Medium-sized businesses, larger coworking spaces and educational institutions need to manage entire printing landscapes and develop functioning printer networks, which alone poses a huge task. At the very least, dedicated remote management capabilities with in-depth reporting and monitoring is required. A self-help portal to reduce the number of callouts in large groups is also vital.

Which Google Cloud Print alternative on the market can deliver these requirements?

ezeep: A True Enterprise-Grade Google Cloud Print Alternative

One Google Cloud Print alternative, which you might want to consider, is ezeep. It’s an enterprise-grade tool that manages printing in the cloud, tackling the most needless IT pains and inefficiencies in printing.

Once a Berlin-based startup, ezeep has now built a reputation for being standard bearer in the area of mobile and cloud printing. We formally introduced our cloud printing service 15 years ago and have been perfecting it ever since.

With ezeep, print-infrastructure management is effectively outsourced, consolidating many disparate, on-site print management tools into one program.

With one-time setup and configuration, users, printers and policies can be managed remotely, eliminating the need for internal IT maintenance and individual driver installation, while providing seamless desktop and mobile printing for users.

All essential features for professionals, like reporting, printer assignment, support and security are comprehensibly covered, making it a great Google Cloud Print alternative for both small and large organizations.

How to Easily Replace Google Cloud Print

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The whitepaper shows how companies can easily replace Google Cloud Print with ezeep’s enterprise cloud printing. With its new cloud printing platform, ezeep Blue, various mobile apps, the Print API and integration with Zapier, ezeep provides powerful cloud printing functionality.

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Need a Google Cloud Print Alternative?

Google has ended its popular cloud printing service. No need to worry though: ezeep Blue is now free for private users.



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