What Alternatives Are There to Print Servers to Minimize Risk?

Printserver Alternatives

For many businesses, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to manage their print server infrastructure with traditional solutions.

While enterprise printing has always been a challenge for IT departments, the impact of the 2021 PrintNightmare vulnerability, amongst others, has prompted more organizations to find other ways to manage their print server infrastructure.

Why the PrintNightmare Vulnerability Makes Printing Even More Complicated

Windows print servers are easy to set up, but difficult to maintain. Users often don’t know what’s wrong when their print job doesn’t run from the device. It is not uncommon for a helpdesk ticket to be opened directly, which places an unnecessary burden on the IT department because the problems are usually minor.

To make things worse, the PrintNightmare vulnerability (CVE-2021-34527) was discovered in July 2021 and allowed hackers to execute an error code on Windows desktop and server systems. As a result, attackers were able to install software, access data, and interfere with user account creation.

Microsoft fixed this vulnerability, but from then on it was necessary to have administrator rights for the respective system in order to install or update new printer drivers. For organizations with a large number of printers at multiple locations, the changes brought about by the PrintNightmare patch made the already difficult administration even more cumbersome.

What Alternative Solutions Can Help?

Cloud-based printing solutions help the IT department gain more insight into users’ printing problems on their system. Furthermore, users are given more control over their print jobs and companies get a detailed overview of what costs are incurred by printing through better analysis possibilities.

While other cloud printing vendors such as Printix, Printer Logic or PaperCut Hive offer individual enhancements to the classic Windows print servers, ezeep Blue enables an all-in-one solution.

Two unique features of ezeep Blue’s architecture are its ability to support virtually all of your existing printers and the intuitive ezeep Hub.

Replacing Print Servers with the ezeep Hub

The ezeep Hub

The completely maintenance-free ezeep Hub connects any printer to the cloud in an instant and replaces local Windows print servers inexpensively.

The Hub also saves you from the high acquisition, operation and maintenance costs of print servers and therefore significantly reduces the workload on IT staff in companies. With just a few clicks, printers and users are created and centrally managed in the intuitive web portal.

100% Free From Printer Driver Management

An interesting feature of the ezeep Hub is that all print jobs are rendered in the cloud. Thanks to a pool of over 6000 printer drivers hosted in the cloud and expandable on demand, ezeep Blue creates a 100% driver-free infrastructure for users. This gives you the freedom to choose which printer or devices should be used in your organization.

At the same time, the vulnerability of the print infrastructure is reduced, because with ezeep Blue no printers are accessible from the Internet and only one port is used. For zero-trust strategies, a solution like ezeep Blue is mandatory, as it is the only way to ensure that access to a printer is only ever authorized. The ezeep Hub, the ezeep Blue Cloud and our Secure Pull Printing process ensure that constant authorization and authentication for access to data points takes place. In addition, network printers become addressable without having to connect them to another physical device or network.

More information on pricing and how to test an ezeep Hub can be found on the ezeep Hub homepage.

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