ezeep Tests Internet Connections in Remote Locations via Starlink

July 2, 2021

ezeep tests Starlink satellite Internet to ensure smooth Starlink printing at the construction site, event location or home office. Read More

Home Office Needs VPN

The home office has become the norm. Essential for smooth home office operations is a VPN. But what about printing? Read More

Integrating ezeep with Nexudus

September 1, 2020

Setting up ezeep with Nexudus is simple. Let’s take a look at how easy it is in this tutorial! What Does the Integration with ezeep Do? Nexudus helps any coworking operator manage and automate their invoicing, memberships, payments, event newsletters and much more. If you use Nexudus in your… Read More

Integrating ezeep with andcards

This video demonstrates how to integrate ezeep with andcards coworking software in a matter of minutes. Read More

Printer Redirection – Productivity Guarantor and Security Gap

July 14, 2020

With printer redirection, any user can print remotely. At the same time this can be a security issue. Christoph Hammer from ezeep shows you how to easily activate and deactivate printer redirection. Read More

Seamless Billing: Integrating ezeep into the Optix coworking platform

This video demonstrates how to integrate ezeep with the Optix coworking management platform – the whole process takes a matter of minutes. Read More

Three Tips to Reduce CO2 Printing Emissions

December 3, 2019

Questions as to how we can better protect our environment are more crucial and relevant than ever. Printing has also fallen into disrepute as a real environmental sin. But not necessarily rightly so. We give 3 easy to implement tips on how to reduce your printing carbon footprint. Read More

Utilizing Habu’s Workspace Software and ezeep

Our partner Habu has designed a way to easily integrate ezeep into their workspace software. Integrating ezeep into Habu’s workspace management software is effortless – just watch how simple it is in this video! Read More

Coworking in Restaurants? How Restaurants Are Getting Their Slice of the Coworking Market

December 5, 2018

Coworking in restaurants? Top restaurants are looking to tap into the coworking market with the perfect mix of infrastructure, welcoming interiors and great locations. Drawing in the coworking crowd helps restaurant’s diverse their revenue and provides a lower cost option for many coworking members. Read More

We Are Looking to Expand Our Team

Since our relaunch in 2016, ezeep has been growing to thousands of users and hundreds of thousand pages per month. To keep this motion going, we are looking to grow our Customer Acquisition Team. Read More