#3 – Cloud Printing Without an Always-On PC (Say Hello to ezeep Blue)

We created ezeep to make printing easy for you and your users. Our blog series, “Say Hello to ezeep Blue” shows how ezeep Blue is going further. With ezeep Blue you no longer need a Windows PC to serve as an ezeep Connector.


If you, like many companies, already have print servers in place and are looking for a better way to allow users to access your printers, just keep using them and simply install the ezeep Connector for Print Servers on them, available for download after creating a free ezeep Blue account.

However, if you’re trying to get rid of your existing print servers or are searching a solution which does not require one, we have the perfect option for you: the ezeep Hub. 

Introducing the ezeep Hub. Once you’ve plugged it in, you’re good to go!

The ezeep Hub is a purpose-built appliance for printing with the hardware and software all rolled into one. Once the appliance is plugged into the power socket and connected to the network via an Ethernet cable, it will automatically scan the network a report back any printers to the ezeep Cloud.

Printed on the back of the Hub is a MAC-Address, and once this MAC-Address is entered into your ezeep Blue account, the network printers and USB printers will automatically be sent to your ezeep Blue account and you can see them in your admin portal. This feature also makes it super easy to send out Hubs to other remote sites and then remotely manage them from the main office.

It is then simply a matter of verifying the pre-selected print driver or picking a new printer driver. Because the ezeep Hub uses a technology called cloud rendering, the Hub uses a pool of over 6000 printer drivers hosted in the ezeep Cloud. Thanks to the Hub, you’ll never have to install a printer driver on a user’s device ever again.  

And that’s it! Assign the printers to your user groups – when the user prints, the print job will be rendered by our ezeep Blue cloud and streamed through the ezeep Hub directly to your printer. 

Benefits of the ezeep Hub: 

  • No additional connector hardware needed 
  • No connector software to install 
  • No printer driver management in your environment 
  • Easy setup 
  • Remotely manageable
  • Automatic printer discovery and printer reporting to your ezeep Blue account 

Because the ezeep Hub is such a great solution, it received its own website. Check it out!

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