Say Hello to ezeep Blue – No More Always-On Connector PCs

We designed ezeep to make printing as easy as possible for our users. Our blog series “Introducing ezeep Blue” showcases how ezeep Blue takes things a step further than ezeep Legacy, making print management for coworking and education even more hassle-free. 


Serverless printing solutions for coworking and education

As you know, with ezeep Legacy a connector software had to be installed on a PC or server. However, from time to time member’s or student’s printers could become unavailable if the always-on connector PC went offline. And perhaps you may have wondered how much electricity an always-on connector workstation consumes?

Now, things have gotten a whole lot easier. With ezeep Blue, you have the choice between the standard connector installation on a PC or print server, or you can opt for the much simpler, energy-efficient, and cost-effective solution: the ezeep Hub.

Cloud Managed ezeep Hubs

The ezeep Hub is a small hardware component with the ezeep Blue Connector pre-installed, eliminating a lot of hassle and requiring no IT expertise. Once connected to the network via an Ethernet cable and powered on, you can connect it to your ezeep Blue account. Once the ezeep Hub is connected, any network printers in your coworking space or educational organization are automatically detected and displayed in the ezeep Blue Admin Portal. 

This feature of the Hub also makes it super easy to manage other locations and then remotely manage printers from wherever you work. Once your printers appear in the admin portal, you can assign the printers to your members, students or groups with just a few clicks. 

Benefits of the ezeep Hub: 

  • No installation of the ezeep Connector needed  
  • No printer driver management or installations on your users’ devices
  • Easy plug-and-play setup 
  • Automatic printer discovery and printer reporting to your ezeep Blue account  
  • Extremely low energy consumption 

Switch to Blue Today

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Not only that, we also are offering free trials of the ezeep Hub, without any delivery costs for existing Legacy users. Simply fill out this form! 

ezeep Blue: And There’s More

We’re proud of all the new improvements ezeep Blue offers and are confident you’ll be impressed too. Discover more benefits of ezeep Blue: