Say Hello to ezeep Blue: More Environmentally Friendly Printing

We designed ezeep to make printing as easy as possible for our users. Our blog series “Introducing ezeep Blue” showcases how ezeep Blue takes things a step further than ezeep Legacy, making print management for coworking and education even more hassle-free. 

Sustainable printing with ezeep blue

Environmental friendliness and sustainability play an increasing role in many business processes. So why shouldn’t this also apply to printing? Today, we’ll show you how to align printing in coworking spaces and educational institutions with your sustainability goals while not only saving resources but also costs. 

We’ve already ensured that printing is carbon-neutral with our solution, ezeep. Perhaps you’re aware that we collaborate with carbon-neutral hosting providers and support environmental initiatives like Justdiggit because every action counts. You can learn more about it here » 

With ezeep Blue, you can even further advance sustainability in your space or educational institution. Below are some features of ezeep Blue that will help you: 

• Reduce Power Consumption & Cut Costs with the ezeep Hub 

ezeep Blue doesn’t require a constantly running Windows PC or print server, which are real power hogs. Instead, the ezeep Hub can be used. The small hardware with the ezeep Connector consumes virtually no power, requires minimal maintenance, and doesn’t need IT expertise to set up. Read here about how much energy costs the ezeep Hub saves compared to a print server » 

• Avoid Unnecessary Prints and Save Paper with ezeep Blue Pull Printing and Printer Profiles 

ezeep Blue comes with a Pull Printing feature. Especially where multiple users share printers, Pull Printing protects sensitive information because the document is only triggered at the printer after authorization. Pull Printing is not only secure but also sustainable because it avoids paper stacks of forgotten print jobs that then need to be discarded. In combination with Printer Profiles, which let’s you print set settings like double-sided printing as default, this is environmentally friendly and reduces costs for paper and toner consumption. Learn more about ezeep Blue Pull Printing »  

• Better Resource Utilization Thanks to Print Monitoring and Reporting in ezeep Blue 

Which printer is used most frequently? How much is printed in your space or on campus? Which print settings are often used? With print monitoring and reporting, you gain valuable insights into your printing environment and can make optimizations if needed, such as replacing printers with high energy consumption, swapping color printers, and thus saving costs. Customizable reports and analyses show you where potential for cost savings and more environmentally friendly printing lies. Discover how you can use ezeep Blue Print Monitoring and Reporting » 

Additionally, the reporting in ezeep Blue captures the CO2 emissions caused by printing at your location. This gives you more transparency and control over how sustainably printing is done at your place and how much CO2 ezeep compensates for you. Learn more here » 

Let’s Act Sustainably Together. Switch to ezeep Blue Today.  

Are you ready for ezeep Blue? We’ll gladly support you in your transitioning to ezeep Blue and beyond. Book an online appointment with our team for a free ezeep Blue introduction. Schedule now » 

And that‘s not all: We also offer free trials of the ezeep Hub, with no shipping costs for existing legacy users. Simply fill out the contact form here. 

ezeep Blue: And There’s More to Discover 

We are proud of all the new improvements that ezeep Blue offers and are confident that you will be thrilled too. Discover more benefits of ezeep Blue: