#1 – Leverage All Your Printer’s Features (Say Hello to ezeep Blue)

Our blog series, Say Hello To ezeep Blue, explains how ezeep Blue surpasses our classic ezeep solution in many ways. First on our list: Leveraging your printer’s special features.

One of the major improvements in ezeep Blue is how we provide users with options to configure printing features.

Currently, ezeep uses a simple, yet effective, static approach that provides the most-used print options for office workers: standard paper sizes (letter, legal, tabloid, A3, A4, A5), choice of color or b/w printing, printing on both sides and stapling. The ezeep admin uses the ezeep portal to enable the paper sizes as well as duplex and stapling based on what the printer actually supports.

ezeep Blue improves on this in three ways. First and foremost, ezeep Blue reads the properties of the printer drivers that are installed either on the ezeep Blue Connector or in the ezeep Blue cloud. It then makes them available to the printers that it creates on users’ devices. This means that ezeep Blue users can:

  • choose from any paper size that the printer supports
  • configure the paper source according to the actual printer trays
  • set print quality
  • enable stapling, punching and binding*

Stapling and hole punching with ezeep Blue

If you need more features, we have you covered as well. ezeep Blue is able to detect if a printer driver of the printer manufacturer is already installed on a user’s PC. If that is the case, it uses that driver instead of its own, thus maintaining the original printer settings available to the user.

The second way ezeep Blue improves handling of print options is that all of this is happening completely automated. ezeep Blue admins do not have to configure supported properties in their admin console. All they have to do is assign new printers to their users.

And finally, ezeep Blue’s printer driver supports 17 languages. That means non-English speaking users will have no problems making the right configuration for their print jobs. Among the supported languages are English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French and Japanese.

ezeep Blue: And There’s More

We’re proud of all the new enhancements that ezeep Blue provides and are working hard on new features. Just take a look at the other articles in this series:

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*In some cases, some printer drivers do not allow us to access these features.