Say Hello to ezeep Blue – Even Better Printing from Mobile Devices

We designed ezeep to make printing as easy as possible for our users. Our blog series “Introducing ezeep Blue” showcases how ezeep Blue takes things a step further than ezeep Legacy, making print management for coworking and education even more hassle-free

ezeep Blue has just released its Print App for iOS and Android. Let’s take a look at how mobile printing with ezeep Blue works!

Printing with iOS Devices

This new app makes it incredibly easy to print from your iOS devices, requiring you to just download the iOS print app and sign in to ezeep. We’ve also made things extra convenient as you can also sign in with your existing Apple account too.

Users simply pick the documents or images they want to print and ezeep Blue automatically shows all printers which the ezeep Blue organization has shared with them.

Printer settings and formats, like color, grayscale or all the different paper sizes the printer supports, are displayed within the app.

Printing with Android Devices

Printing from Android devices is equally effortless. Once you open the Android app, you can pick whatever you want to print by clicking “Print a Document”. Just like in the iOS app, ezeep Blue automatically shows every available printer, including any custom settings they might have.

Print Straight From the App You’re Working With

Most users will probably want to print their documents from the app they are using.

Both apps handle this with ease without clumsy app switching. If you’re browsing in Safari, for example, just hit print, pinch out, and select “Print with ezeep Blue”. In another popular app, Pages, all that’s required is a click on export, then share, and “Print with ezeep Blue”. And as our video shows, it only takes a couple of seconds before the printer starts getting to work.

With Android, once you’ve clicked on the menu in the top right-hand corner, you can click “share and export”, followed by “send a copy”, and you’re ready to print.

So, ready to get your hands on the apps? Then visit our Mobile Printing solutions page. The ezeep Blue app is also available for download on Google Play and the iOS App store.

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