Pull Printing

ezeep’s Print Later pull printing feature protects confidential documents which need to be printed on shared printers. Secure printing with Print Later ensures that your printout doesn’t start until you’re able to pick up your document personally at the printer.

Printouts still get left in the output trays of shared printers, causing enormous waste of both paper and toner. In addition, printouts that are not picked up immediately can fall into the wrong hands. This is particularly damaging when it comes to confidential information. However, personal printers for the management, legal or human resources departments are expensive to purchase and maintain. With ezeep’s Print Later pull printing feature, you have a cost-effective and secure alternative that guarantees that users are at the printer before their printouts are printed.


Security with controlled print release

Control the printouts of contracts, payrolls and other confidential documents with ezeep’s secure pull printing feature. Once you select Print Later, your confidential document is moved to a secure print queue in the cloud for up to 24 hours. You will be reminded via e-mail that a document is waiting to be printed. When you are ready to print, i.e. directly at the printer, you can start printing either from your mobile ezeep app, from the Print Later reminder mail or ezeep’s device-independent release portal.

Key Features

  • Print jobs are stored in a secure pull printing queue
  • Convenient print job output when physically at the printer
  • Flexible print release via a release portal, mobile app or directly from the Print Later e-mail
  • Print Later can be specified via policies for individual users, user groups or specific printers
  • Delegate Release Printing: By simply forwarding the Print Later e-mail containing the release link, another person can trigger the print job. Delegated printing doesn’t even require any configuration.


  • Secure pull printing thanks to an easy print job release feature and without any additional hardware.
  • Browser-based print output: ezeep’s release portal can be used with any browser-capable device such as PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, smartphones or tablets to output the documents to the desired printer.