Mac Printing

Apple MacBooks are becoming increasingly popular for businesses, but unfortunately, Mac printing often remains a challenge. With ezeep Blue, integrating MacBooks and other Apple devices into the printing infrastructure couldn’t be easier.

Network segments, print servers, and more can be a challenge when printing from Apple’s Mac devices. Even deploying printer drivers to Apple devices is not always straightforward. However, thanks to the ezeep Blue Mac print app, nothing stands in the way of you and easy printing.

ezeep delivers easy Mac printing

Mac Printing Made Easy

Users only need three steps to get started with Mac printing:

  1. An invitation to an ezeep Blue account
  2. Install the ezeep Blue Mac print app via the User Portal or automatically by the administrator.
  3. Log in, and that’s all!


Download the ezeep Blue Mac print app via the User Portal

Download the ezeep Blue Mac print app via the User Portal


The ezeep Blue Mac print app is ready to use and offers users plus IT teams easy Mac printing:

  • Instant availability of all corporate printers, even those for which no Mac driver is available
  • Print directly from the app to virtual drivers with the name familiar from the network – with no need to install printer drivers.
  • Changes to printers are immediately available
  • Unified print dialogs save time when printing.
  • MacBooks don’t need to be linked to Active Directory.
  • Print anywhere: The Mac device doesn’t need to be on the same network as the printer. Users can print securely to corporate printers at any time, whether from the home office or when commuting.
  • Reduced workload for the IT team thanks to an easy-to-use self-service portal
  • CO2 compensation for each printout
  • Secure and resource-efficient printing via Pull Print (coming soon)
  • Parallel use of ezeep Blue on all user devices, whether iPhones, iPads, Chromebooks, Android smartphones, or Windows computers.


Discover Easy Mac Printing!

Printing from Mac and Apple devices with ezeep Blue is just around the corner. We‘ll let you know as soon as it’s ready. Just leave your details in the form below.