Windows Printing

No more printer driver installations or print server maintenance. With ezeep Blue, printing with Windows becomes even easier.

Easy Windows printing with ezeep



  • All company printers are immediately available to users. Changes to the printers also take effect immediately, all without the users having to do anything.
  • Say goodbye to printer driver installations. Windows users print directly from the application to a virtual driver with the name familiar from the network.
  • Seamless integration of hybrid work environments: All employees always have the right printer at their disposal, no matter where their workstation is located.
  • Thanks to standardized print dialogues, users have no trouble printing out their jobs. ezeep’s intuitive MyPrinters feature also relieves the IT team.
  • Printing from a laptop is also extremely easy. The laptop does not even have to be connected to the Active Directory.
  • Location-independent printing: The Windows computer does not have to be in the same network as the printer. With ezeep, employees always print securely on company printers, regardless of whether they want to print documents from their home office or on the road.
  • Pull Printing, which requires user authentication at the printer, ensures secure printing that also reduces wasted resources.
  • ezeep is committed to CO2-neutral printing. Therefore, every printout is CO2-compensated.
  • Users can use ezeep Blue simultaneously on all their devices and print as they wish from their iPhone, iPad, Chromebook, Android smartphone or Mac computer.
  • Zero-trust concepts can be successfully implemented with ezeep.