Chrome Printing

Easy and Secure Chrome Printing for Chromebook and Chrome Browser Users

Chromebooks are popular among both companies and educational institutions. The devices however struggle when it comes to printing. While Chromebook users can send documents unmanaged to compatible printer models, IT departments had no way of embedding these devices into their corporate print environment and managing the volume of printing. ezeep Blue now provides the solution.

ezeep is Chrome Enterprise Recommended


Our Chrome extension, available from the Chrome web store, provides benefits for users and administrators alike. Users print easier than ever before, while admins can conveniently and securely manage and control print activities on the network. This makes ezeep an unbeatable alternative to Google Cloud Print.

ezeep enables easy Chrome printing


Intuitive Usability

  • The printers assigned by the administrator are automatically displayed to users on their Chromebooks. This means that all print options configured by the administrator or provided by the printer manufacturer are taken into account.
  • Users can print as usual via the Chromebook print dialog.


Easy Administration

  • As a true cloud service, ezeep makes it extremely easy to set up an entire print environment, including features for security and reliability.
  • The print environment is centrally configured via a device-independent web portal. This means that changes can be made extremely quickly and flexibly.
  • Printers, print options and print quotas are assigned to user groups via policies. Even more complex environments can be managed with just a few clicks.


Total Independence

  • ezeep isn’t limited to just Google Cloud Print devices or network printers – all printer models are supported.


Maximum Security

  • Printers don’t need to be connected to the internet and Chromebooks can print from separate networks. This makes ezeep ideal for guest and BYOD printing.
  • Pull Printing, which requires user authentication at the printer, ensures secure printing that also reduces wasted resources.
  • All data exchange between ezeep components and the ezeep cloud is encrypted
  • ezeep is GDPR compliant and committed to protecting the privacy of its users.


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