ezeep’s Zapier Integration Delivers Automatic Printing for Thousands of Apps

ThinPrint’s cloud printing solution ezeep delivers automated printouts and replaces Google Cloud Print, which is no longer available

BERLIN/DENVER, June 8, 2021 – Print management expert ThinPrint has integrated its cloud printing solution ezeep with Zapier. The integration enables companies to equip their apps with an automatic print workflow in just a few clicks or what are known as zaps. And all without any programming knowledge required. If it hasn’t already done so, ezeep can also serve in businesses as a replacement for Google Cloud Print, which is no longer available.

Printing, according to ezeep’s philosophy, should be as simple as a phone call. By integrating ezeep with Zapier’s platform to automate workflows, businesses can also incorporate uncomplicated printing into their business processes. In just a few clicks, Zapier can create automated workflows that include printing documents. No developer know-how is even required. ezeep works with any printer and with all apps integrated into Zapier. For example, email attachments, invoices, delivery dockets, and so much more can all be printed automatically.

“It’s incredibly simple,” says Christoph Hammer, Senior Vice President Cloud Services at ThinPrint. “Whether it’s software for creating forms, an app for orders or invoices, or cloud storage. Not just these scenarios, but also the over 3,000 apps available at Zapier, can be used for printing with ezeep in just a few clicks or Zaps. And importantly, with this integration, we’re offering an important feature for corporate workflows.”

For more information about ezeep Blue’s cloud printing, visit www.ezeep.com.

Apps not yet integrated with Zapier can be upgraded with print features via ezeep’s API available at https://apidocs.ezeep.com/ezeepblue/README.html