ezeep Cloud Printing Technologies Officially Relaunched

ThinPrint Cloud Services announces the successful relaunch of the ezeep brand and its market-leading technology for printing in coworking spaces.

Leading the relaunch is Christoph Hammer, new CEO and President of ThinPrint Cloud Services Inc. and longtime executive at ThinPrint – the leading provider of print management software and services for businesses.

In mid 2015, ThinPrint announced its acquisition of the technology and trademarks of ezeep, the leading print solution provider for coworking spaces. Migration and optimization measures to raise the quality of the service to ThinPrint’s standards were completed by the end of 2015. Since then, previous customers were won back and new customers signed up. The increasing number of customers and usage of the service set ezeep and ThinPrint Cloud Services on a renewed course of growth.

ezeep is now a trademark of ThinPrint Cloud Services Inc. in Denver, Colorado. ThinPrint Cloud Services, Inc., is responsible for all public cloud activities of ThinPrint. This includes ThinPrint Cloud Printer, the leading mobile cloud printing solution that enables printing from virtually any device to any printer.

The target group for ezeep print services is primarily coworking spaces. However, institutions and companies in which users share the print infrastructure, such as universities, benefit from ezeep’s services as well.

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The corresponding press release can be found at the ezeep Website:

Press Release: ThinPrint Cloud Services Inc. Officially Relaunches ezeep Cloud Printing Technologies