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Say Hello to ezeep Blue – Leverage All Your Printer’s Features  

March 26, 2024

One of the major improvements in ezeep Blue is how we provide users with options to configure their printing features. Read more

Hotdesking and Flex Office Quiz

March 11, 2024

Hot Desking & Flex Office Quiz – Is Your Company's Print Setup Future-Proof?   Have you implemented hot desking in your office space? As you navigate your back to office strategy, have you also considered how effectively you manage printing for desk-sharing employees?… Read more

Optimize Your ESG Reporting for Your Print Infrastructure with ezeep

February 29, 2024

Learn how print management helps to fulfill ESG reporting requirements and deliver positive balances in sustainability reporting. Read more

Alternative to Papercut Pocket – Why You Should Switch to ezeep Blue

February 28, 2024

Looking for an alternative to Papercut Pocket? Here are some of the features that you're missing out on by not using ezeep Blue! Read more

Nine Features That Identify Secure Printing Solutions

February 23, 2024

What features should secure printing solutions have, and what security gaps do printers present? What should you consider regarding security when selecting your printing solution? Read more

Revolutionizing Business Operations with Low Code: Use Cases and Examples

February 21, 2024

Learn about the impactful use cases and examples of Low Code automation that are setting new benchmarks for productivity and innovation. Read more

ThinPrint Teaches ChatGPT to Print 

February 1, 2024

Starting immediately, a GPT for ezeep Blue is available in the recently opened GPT-Store. ezeep GPT enables artificial intelligence to create paper documents, thus taking a step into the real world. Read more

Effortlessly Connect Printer to iPhone or iPad With or Without AirPrint

January 25, 2024

Connect your Printer from iPhone or iPad and Print With or Without AirPrint - We show you how it is done effortlessly » Read more

How to Find the Right Mix of Products for Your Coworking Space

January 12, 2024

Get to know the main products for your coworking space, how to find the pricing and the technology for managing your product mix. Read more

Automated Printing of Email Attachments: Save Time and Increase Efficiency with ezeep Blue

December 1, 2023

Learn how ezeep Blue automates the printing of email attachments and increases efficiencies with integrations like Zapier and Make. Read more