Community Stories

Mastering the Coworking Member Experience

December 10, 2019

Everyone talks about coworking member experience. But why does it matter so much? Learn what it is, why it’s important, and how you can improve it in this article written by Optix, a leading coworking space software. Read more

The Truth Behind Coworking Spaces and Corporate Workplaces

June 4, 2019

The modern workplace involves people working and collaborating to get projects done. We at ezeep believe that coworking is a kind of evolution of the ordinary workplace. And the leap is actually not as big as you might think. Read more

How Printing Problems Affect Your Productivity

August 27, 2013

My IT knowledge is better than average. I work for a tech company, although not in a tech position, but I've learned a lot through proximity. My brother is a sys admin, and he's always helping me out when I have IT issues. Most of my days are spent with super-techy colleagues, and they would consider my IT-skills below average. But when I'm hanging out with my friends, most of whom aren't in IT, I'm considered incredibly smart. So it really depends on the perspective that you take to figure out if someone has basic IT-knowledge or not. Read more