Deploy & Enjoy! How to Plan for Printing in WVD projects

March 15, 2021

We want to help by pointing out situations where WVDs built-in printing just doesn’t cut it and to showcase cloud printing with ezeep as the solution. Read More

Deploy & Enjoy! How to Plan for Printing in IGEL Projects

Using IGEL OS and ezeep is a unique opportunity, to “deploy and enjoy” an endpoint with perfect printing. At the IGEL Disrupt Unite event, Henning Volkmer, CEO & President at ThinPrint Inc., discussed EUC printing needs within this web session. Read More

How to Add Printing Support to Your Managed Service and Boost Revenue

Join Robert Barrese, Channel Partner Manager at ezeep, in an on-demand web session to learn how managed service providers can expand their revenue stream by adding ezeep Blue to their portfolio. Read More

How to Automate and Streamline Management in Coworking Spaces

In this joint web session, we introduce the integration with ezeep and andcards; two platforms which focus fully on streamlining the administrative burden on coworking space managers, which in turn allows them to produce a fluid working environment for members. Read More

ezeep: The Alternative to Google Cloud Print

In this interactive webinar we demonstrate exactly why ezeep is the most intuitive cloud-based print management solution, which not only ensures a smooth transition from Google Cloud Print but also offers more functionality and increased printing performance. Read More

Getting Started with Windows Virtual Desktop – Spring Update

With a major update this spring, Microsoft has released many improvements and new features for Windows Virtual Desktop. our webinar will guide you through the steps of setting up WVD for the first time. Read More

Getting Started with Windows Virtual Desktop

In this webinar, we'll walk you through the first steps towards deploying Windows Virtual Desktop and brief you on one of the most important DaaS solutions of the future. Read More

How to Print from Azure Virtual Desktop

In our webinar, Christoph Hammer will show you how Windows Virtual Desktop printing works with Microsoft’s tools, integrated into Windows Virtual Desktop. He’ll also explain how you can avoid pitfalls and ensure smooth printing with ezeep for Azure. Read More

How to Improve Your Workspace Efficiency

ezeep and essensys recently launched a cooperative partnership. We now invite you to take part in our upcoming joint coworking webinar. In a compact format, learn how efficiency can make all the difference when it comes to both attracting and retaining members at your coworking space. Read More