Cloud Printing with Native Printer Drivers

NEW: ezeep Blue Now Supports Native Printer Drivers for Cloud Printing

Cloud Printing and Printer Drivers 

Printer drivers are a constant source of bother for admins. Either when they’re incompatible with each other for example or because they need to be updated on different devices. Even when printing from Azure Virtual Desktop or cloud printing, the handling of printer drivers is a challenge. That’s why ezeep frees administrators from the burden of printer driver management with its cloud rendering feature. This prepares print jobs completely in the cloud. This means that printer drivers no longer need to be installed on the Azure Virtual Desktop instance.

Until now, cloud printing with ezeep automatically only used ezeep’s virtual printer driver, the ThinPrint Output Gateway. Thanks to this printer driver, almost all printer features can be used for Azure Virtual Desktop printing. And importantly, regardless of printer model or manufacturer. However, our goal is to ensure that we really support all printer features. That’s why ezeep Blue now too supports native printer drivers for cloud printing. 

When Are Native Printer Drivers Used for Cloud Printing?

Native printer drivers or original printer drivers are used for all those scenarios when you want to print to special printers with individual printing options, for example, label printing. That’s why ezeep now also offers the option to print from the Azure Virtual Desktop to special printers such as sticker printers. This makes ezeep Blue suitable for complex printing infrastructures and heterogeneous printer fleets with all kinds of special devices. You simply choose to print using either a virtual or a native printer driver as required.

ezeep supports native printer drivers and label printing
ezeep’s cloud printing solution supports all printing features without any exceptions, including label printing. 

How Does Cloud Printing Work with Native Printer Drivers? 

All the admin has to do is to install the required native printer drivers with their special features on the Azure Virtual Desktop instance. You don’t need to make any further settings. When creating a printer object, ezeep Blue checks the installed drivers and compares the name with the driver name on the print server or the model name on the ezeep Hub. If the name matches, ezeep uses the original driver. Otherwise, ezeep reverts to the universal driver just as before. 

And how does cloud printing with native printer drivers work for the user? If users want to print to a printer with special features, they can select it in the printer list as usual. Or the user can easily search for the printer in ezeep’s Printer Self Service and designate the special label printer as their default printer with a single click. 

Why ezeep Blue’s Cloud Printing Makes Sense 

Unlike other cloud printing solutions which send a print file (for example a PDF) to be printed locally, and therefor not being able to support many printing features, ezeep’s cloud printing solution is suitable for any scenario and any printer, no matter how specific.

Label Printing

Printing labels has never been easier

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