Essential Tools for Efficient Hot Desking: Top Hot Desk Booking Systems

Discover the top hot desk booking systems to achieve your hotdesking goals. Image by Paintzen via Flickr.

Today, we’re taking a look at the essential tools for efficient hot desking including hot desk booking systems. Hot desking, the practice where multiple workers use a single physical workstation or surface during different time periods, is increasingly becoming popular in large enterprises and shared offices. Hot desking offers unmatched operational flexibility and cost efficiency. However, transitioning to this model can be challenging without the right tools. To learn more in general about the hot desking concept, see our post: Hot Desking: What Companies Need to Know Today. There are however lots of tools that can make the transition far easier. Here is a selection of hot desking apps which we think are essential for hot desking implementation and management.

1. Nexudus

A comprehensive solution, Nexudus not only facilitates easy booking and management of workspaces but also offers tools for spaces to build a community, event management, and billing, making it a multifaceted hot desking software. It also offers management features for floor plans, users/employees and easily displays workstation resources. With granular options, you can add and restrict booking privileges to specific individuals or groups in the workplace. Nexudus also integrates with many other solutions useful for hotdesking, like payment providers, access control systems, accounting tools and also ezeep for your printing needs.

2. OfficeRnD

Offering solutions for shared and hybrid workspaces, OfficeRnD’s comprehensive hot desking solution empowers shared spaces and large enterprises to manage and optimize their workspaces efficiently. It offers booking, billing, and member management features, ensuring a seamless hot desking experience. It also integration with many other office solutions, including Google Workspace, Microsoft and Slack. Probably one of the most underrated feature is their visual floorplan, which shows you the actual outline of each of your floors including your offices, desks, meeting rooms and any other units of space, that you offer. It helps with visualizing a layout or any changes that might be applied, and also with keeping track of occupancy.

3. Envoy

Envoy is designed to streamline the visitor experience but has plenty of features that support hot desking. Thousands of companies already rely on Envoy to efficiently manage their hybrid workplaces. Its seamless integration with other workplace tools ensures that employees can easily locate and book available workspaces, enhancing flexibility and collaboration. Envoy Desks is their easy-to-use hot desking tool for flexible workplaces. It makes it easy for employees to book a desk for the day, by the hour or in advance, right from their phone. They can also choose where to sit and filter amenities like standing desks etc. For employers, it offers a simple way to ensure teams can collaborate in person. Desks analytics can also help optimize workplace layouts with insight on how to reconfigure unused spaces, which can reduce the workplace footprint and lower real estate costs.

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4. Skedda

Skedda stands out as a premier hot desk booking software tailored to meet the needs of shared spaces, including coworking areas and shared offices. Founded in 2013, it offers an intuitive interface, making booking a desk a breeze. Users can view available desks in real-time, book spaces, and even manage their bookings, promoting efficient space utilization. Skedda’s simplicity, user-friendly interface and SSO functionality stand out amongst hot desk booking systems. Its a powerful space management solution made simple with its intuitive user interface. It offers 3 competitive pricing models including a free plan. According to G2, its meeting room booking feature ranks best and customers finding their support particularly good.

5. Robin

A powerhouse in the realm of hot desking software, Robin describes itself as a hybrid workplace experience platform. It allows employees to book desks, meeting rooms, and other spaces using a user-friendly app. Its real-time updates and integrations with calendars ensure optimal ease of use and space utilization. Robin focuses on giving everyone the ability to understand, use, and advance their workplace. Where Robin tends to stand out among competitors is around product downtime and stability and ease of deployment. However, some users find the forecasting and capacity planning tools not as functional as some of the other players in the hot desk booking system field. It comes with just one pricing plan but additional add ons are bookable.

Final Thoughts

As companies embrace the dynamic and flexible nature of hot desking, having the right technology tools is crucial. The hot desk booking system options outlined above are designed to eliminate the hassles associated with booking and managing shared spaces. By leveraging these hot desking apps and software, companies can ensure that the transition to a hot desking model is not only smooth, but also enhances productivity, collaboration, and operational efficiency.

Another aspect that you need to consider when hotdesking is resource deployment. Taking the example of printing, can a user/employee always access the printer that is most convenient to them on that day? Is billing and reporting of print volumes important? For most challenges there is a solution, and so too for the issue of guest/hot desking printing. Find out more on that here.

In the era where the traditional 9-5 office setup is fast becoming obsolete, these tools are not just optional but essential. They are engineered to cater to the intricate needs of a diverse workforce that values flexibility, convenience, and efficiency. The integration of real-time booking, user-friendly interfaces, and analytics ensure that every inch of the office space is utilized optimally, signaling a future where work is not just something you do but a place you want to be. So, with that in mind, remember, the right hot desk booking system is not just an expense. It is an investment in operational efficiency and employee satisfaction.

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