BYOD & Guest Printing

ezeep makes it extremely easy for companies to offer guest printing and BYOD printing. In just a few clicks, visitors or employees can print flexibly with their own devices to network printers on site.

Until now, admins have always had difficulty enabling printing to network printers for employees using their own devices (BYOD) and visitors such as contractors, partners or freelancers. BYOD printing and guest printing presents companies with a number of challenges:

  • Printers should be made available quickly and without any extra workload
  • Users should be able to print without admins having to know their devices or manage them via the company’s user management
  • An overview of who prints how much and on which printer should always be available
  • For paid printing, a suitable billing model is required


ezeep offers an easy-to-implement solution for BYOD and guest printing

As a BYOD and guest printing provider, with just a few clicks you can define:

  • which visitors and BYOD users are allowed to access network printers
  • which printers, paper formats and features are available to users
  • how many b/w and color pages users can print free of charge and how much additional printing costs

Guests and BYOD users can:

  • print instantly without having to install anything on their devices
  • use any device (laptops, Macs, tablets & smartphones)
  • trigger print jobs anytime, anywhere
  • print securely thanks to the Print Later feature
  • purchase credit online



  • Easily invite users via e-mail
  • With just a few clicks, users are assigned a policy that covers which printers, features and paper formats can be used
  • Convenient configuration of print quotas per user or group – per day/week/month, b/w and color
  • Monitoring functions inform you whether printers are offline or toner levels are low
  • Optional and zero configuration apps for Android, iOS, Chrome OS, Mac OSX and Windows


  • Easy to set up and manage printing – no advanced IT skills required
  • Users can print instantly – without needing to install anything or have printer drivers on their devices
  • Complete overview of users and print behavior as well as full cost control
  • Encryption ensures secure print data transmission
  • Printers don’t even need to communicate with the internet, nor users need to be in the same network – both are essential criteria for meeting corporate security requirements