The Azure Virtual Desktop Web Client Got an Update

The new Azure Virtual Desktop Web Client not only offers a new design, but also useful features.

Azure Virtual Desktop is a powerful remote workspace solution that enables users to access their applications and desktops over the Internet from anywhere. With the introduction of the new Azure Virtual Desktop Web Client User Interface (UI), users can get a first impression of how the user experience will be further improved and how the future workflow will look like.

What Features Does the Azure Virtual Desktop Web Client Offer?

Dark Mode & View Options in the new Azure Virtual Desktop User Interface

The new Azure Virtual Desktop user interface offers users a clean and modern look and feel. It offers the ability to switch between dark mode and normal mode (light), display resources in a grid or list format, and reset web client settings to their default values.

Azure Virtual Desktop Web Client: How to Switch to the New User Interface

To access the new Azure Virtual Desktop Web Client, you must first enable the switch in the Web Client. By default, this is deactivated so that you can decide for yourself whether you want to use the new interface.

To activate the new interface, simply click on the button located on the right-hand side of the screen next to “Test the new client”. Once you have done this, the new interface will load.

What About Printing?

The default print support in the web client is rudimentary, however this can be easily upgraded with ezeep Blue. AVD printing with ezeep does not require any drivers to be managed on the end devices. A connector for Windows or the ezeep Hub makes the printers available centrally. Local printers for PC, Mac and IGEL are seamlessly integrated into the virtual desktop via desktop agents. ezeep Blue enables home office printing, label printing and session printing for iPhone and Android.


The new Azure Virtual Desktop Web Client UI is not only an important step towards remote work, but also another example of the continuous improvement of Azure Virtual Desktop. It not only provides an improved user experience, but also easier management of resources and greater flexibility in designing work environments. The combination with ezeep Blue extends the classic Azure Virtual Desktop offering and enables a simple and secure print workflow.

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