Why Will ThinPrint Be Using ezeep Technologies for WVD Printing?

To provide the printing solution for Windows Virtual Desktop, ezeep and ThinPrint are teaming up. In this video, ezeep CEO Christoph Hammer explains the thinking behind this decision.

ezeep’s CEO, Christoph Hammer, explains the thinking behind the decision

For almost twenty years now, ThinPrint has been in the market of print management software and services for businesses, so the question is a valid one: Why then is ThinPrint using ezeep to provide the printing solution for Windows Virtual Desktop?

The reason lies in the business model of these virtual desktops. Windows Virtual Desktops will be offered as part of a “desktop as a service” model to service providers.

ezeep has exactly the same philosophy: we believe in providing printing as a service, and elsewhere we explained why printing is ideally suited to be provided as a service.

Desktop as a Service? Then you need Printing as a Service

When clients use ezeep to manage their printing, ezeep ensures that all the complicated parts – pretty much everything that people don’t want to deal with because they may not have the know-how, time, or resources – is delivered without a hitch.

It is therefore a great service because customers, users and administrators invest less time in dealing with the details. Likewise, the technical overhead with all the requirements that you need to do yourself to provide Windows Virtual Desktops is greatly reduced.

So you could say it all just fits together: Using desktop as a service? Then use printing as a service. And that’s why we are using the ezeep technology for this kind of environment.

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