3 Reasons Why Businesses Should Switch to Enterprise Cloud Printing

June 4, 2019

What exactly are the benefits of enterprise cloud printing and why should companies be making the switch? Find out here why an enterprise cloud printing service could make printing a whole lot easier.

Christoph Hammer, ezeep’s CEO, explains some on the benefits of enterprise cloud printing

What is Enterprise Cloud Printing?

There are many platforms and services out there that focus on enterprise cloud printing but all originated from the same problem: for a lot of people printing is – less face it – often frustrating.

Employees don’t tend to enjoy working out how to connect a computer to a printer, let alone how to configure printing from smartphones while on the move. In fact, most only take notice of the company printer as soon as it stops working. And when printing problems occur, tech support can be quickly burdened with time consuming repairs that eat into a company’s bottom line.

This is where enterprise cloud printing services come into use, which essentially describes the process of outsourcing all the troublesome printing processes offsite to a cloud-based server.

You can think of if as packaging all aspects of printing into a service. Printing is really well suited for this; as workplace environments modernize and more and more machines are being virtualized, printing will continue to occupy a separate position, i.e. services and infrastructures which depend on physical hardware. Printing therefore requires a different solution like cloud printing, or how else are end users supposed to get their hands on a hard copy without a physical device?

3 Reasons to Switch to Enterprise Cloud Printing

1. Easy, centralized printer management over the air, even for virtualized environments.

Companies can really benefit from an enterprise cloud printing service, like ezeep, that’s designed to seamlessly accompany virtualized working environments and make sure printing hardware runs and cost-efficiently and smoothly as possible.

Conflicts between printer drivers, different operating systems and end devices (e.g. smartphones and tablets) can be easily eliminated. Best of all, everything that an IT admin needs to control can be done via a single management portal.

2. Fine tune your printing infrastructure for every scenario

A central management portal on the cloud also lets admins optimize printing by offering all kinds of customizable features that help you easily manage the different printing use cases that occur on a daily basis.

To take one example, companies that deal with a lot of external partners, consultants and contractors who need to print can save themselves a lot of hassle. Instead of having to configure Active Directory and permissions, a cloud printing solution (like ezeep) requires just a single account creation, meaning external users gain access with all the right permissions automatically and can print securely from any device.

3. Save time and costs on maintenance of hardware

It’s really simple to move all the error-prone parts of printer assignments, printer drivers and printer delivery into the cloud and have that as a managed service.

Once done, an enterprise cloud printing service allows admins to react quicker, reduce downtime and maintain an agile printing fleet. When one printer is down for maintenance, moving groups of users to other printers just takes a few clicks.

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