5 Reasons to Switch to Enterprise Cloud Printing

What exactly are the benefits of enterprise cloud printing and why should companies be making the switch? Find out here how an enterprise cloud printing service equals easy printing.

Christoph Hammer, ezeep’s CEO, explains some on the benefits of enterprise cloud printing

What is Enterprise Cloud Printing?

Several platforms and services focus on enterprise cloud printing and all focus on the same problem: the complexity of printing.

Connecting a computer to a printer, configuring printing for unconventional endpoints and virtual environments or handling printer downtime are just some of the areas where an enterprise cloud printing solution helps immensely.

The way it does so is simple: almost all in-house printing processes are effectively outsourced offsite to the cloud. You can think of it as packaging printing into a service.

Below are 5 reasons why taking the cloud printing approach is so advantageous, particularly for coworking spaces, universities and small to medium-sized businesses.

5 Reasons to Switch to Enterprise Cloud Printing

1. No more conflicts caused by printer drivers

There are hundreds of printer models on the market and thousands of printer drivers to choose from to make them work.

An enterprise cloud printing service is capable of providing printing to users, regardless of device and printer manufacturer, and reduces the effort involved by providing an extensive cloud driver store. This stops admins from having to upload and install print drivers. Users benefit too as they do not need printer drivers on their computers.

2. Control printing for every scenario

A central management portal on the cloud lets admins optimize printing for different printing use cases.

It offers unparalleled flexibility for coworking spaces, universities or other scenarios that suffer from individual pain-points.

To take one example, enterprise cloud printing services can handle guest printing with greater ease. Accounts can be created with the cloud-based console, instead of having to configure Active Directory and permissions for each new user, meaning external users automatically gain access with all the right permissions and can print securely from any device. Some solutions even have built-in billing functions so users can then be charged for what they print.

3. Easily manage and monitor print activity, saving time and money

The IT department can manage printing much easier via a central administration portal, which is the cornerstone of every enterprise cloud printing solution. Printer maintenance, for instance, is handled efficiently, as groups of users can be moved to other printers in just a few clicks.

This is ideally combined with built-in reporting tools. The time saved from printer configuration, management and user management can be invested in monitoring the costs of printing and identifying where savings can be made. Granular controls make implementation a breeze.

4: It’s the best way print for Desktop as a Service (DaaS).

An enterprise cloud printing service seamlessly provides printing for virtualized working environments, like Citrix or Windows Virtual Desktop. Check out our free webinar on printing with Windows Virtual Desktop to learn more about this important upcoming technology and the specific printing challenges it brings.

5: Reduce or completely eliminate print servers

Enterprise cloud printing solutions, both fully in the cloud and hybrid, can deliver cloud-based printing so that the IT department can eliminate on-premises printer servers.

Even in branch offices or temporary office spaces, no printer servers or VPNs are required as every printer can be securely connected to the cloud.

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