Chrome Printing is here!

We are happy to announce the release of ThinPrint Cloud Extension for Chrome OS! Read More

Referral Partner Program

October 4, 2016

If you like what we do and you know someone who would benefit from our great cloud printing, print management and print billing solution, then we would like to have you on board as a partner. Read More

ezeep Cloud Printing Technologies Officially Relaunched

ThinPrint Cloud Services announces the successful relaunch of its market-leading technology for printing in coworking spaces. Read More

Love Your Printers

ezeep is being used at more and more bigger companies and organisations - like universities - who are managing and using a lot of printers. Within those environments a printer list on the Print Now page or on desktop became quite messy for end users and involved a lot of scrolling and scanning for the right printer. So today, we’re rolling out some new features targeted towards end users dealing with many printers: favoriting and filtering your printers. Read More

Gartner named ezeep “Cool Vendor”

Today we have some great news to share with you about our cloud print management service. We're very happy to announce that ezeep has been named a Gartner "Cool Vendor" in the “Imaging and Printing Services 2014 Report” by Gartner, Inc., the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company. Read More

Get to Know Your Printers on the New Printers Page

We redesigned the printers page for administrators to help managing your printers more quickly. And we always try to help you understand and troubleshoot this big box of unknown called a printer to get you better and more fun cloud print management. So starting today, we'll show you key messages about your printer status. Read on to learn what has changed. Read More

Introducing a New Print Page

We're thrilled to announce the release of our brand new Print page which allows you to easily print from the web. We reached out to those of you who are hardcore users of printing from our web app and based on those learnings we were able to identify and solve some problems with how our old Print page worked. Despite being able to print from desktop or mobile, around 60% of all processed print jobs are being initiated through this page so we hope to make life just a little easier for all those users. But without further ado, here's what's new on this page. Read More

Introducing Printer Statistics

The goal of our Dashboard has always been giving printer owners like you smart statistics about your print infrastructure and activity. With smart, we mean useful and distilled statistics which enable you to take data-based decisions about cutting printing costs without browsing endless tables with too much numbers in it. We got great feedback from our customers about what's actually useful in terms of statistics and we're currently working on some new and exciting reporting features. Today, we're releasing the very first small part of that. Read More

Introducing Groups: a new way to manage your users

Putting people first is one of the underlying design principles at ezeep. We feel strongly that the software you use to administer your IT infrastructure should be as easy to use and user-centric as the applications you use every day for fun. Today we are introducing Groups, a new feature to help you to more easily manage who can print what by putting people in focus. It’s a shift in focus from managing printers to managing the access you give people. Talking to our customers it’s clear that this chimes much more closely with how you think about managing your printing set-up. Here's some more detailed information about what's changed. Read More

Print Multiple Files from ezeep’s Web App…in Just One Step

Today we’re pleased to announce a sweet, new update for those of you who use ezeep to print from the web: the ability to upload and print multiple files in just one step. Read More