Say Hello to ezeep Blue: Save Yourself the Hassle of Managing Printer Drivers 

We designed ezeep to make printing as easy as possible for our users. Our blog series “Introducing ezeep Blue” showcases how ezeep Blue takes things a step further than ezeep Legacy, making print management for coworking and education even more hassle-free. 

Never Manage Printer Drivers Again with ezeep Blue

One of the most time-consuming and frustrating tasks when deploying a printing solution is managing printer drivers.

ezeep Blue offers you two options to quickly and easily connect your printers with ezeep Blue. 

Firstly, as you are familiar with in ezeep Legacy, you can install the ezeep Connector on a Windows PC or server where your printers are installed. Here, you can also maintain any drivers and distribute the ezeep print apps to endpoints which need to print. These endpoints do not need a printer driver.

However, it gets even easier with our second option: the ezeep Hub. The ezeep Hub Connector is a small hardware appliance which replaces servers or connector PCs and is the size of around two decks of cards. Once you plug it into your network, it automatically searches for printers on that network and connects them to ezeep Blue with just a few clicks.

The really cool thing here though is that you don’t need to install printer drivers on the Hub. Instead, the Hub handles the complete processing of print jobs in the cloud using our directory of cloud-based printer drivers. The end result? You never need to install another printer driver, and you can say goodbye to connector PCs and servers.

As you can expect with ezeep Blue, it supports a variety of printers, and the current list of supported printers can be found here: If your printer isn’t listed, just reach out to us and we will add it to the driver pool for you to use. 

Switch to ezeep Blue now 

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And that‘s not all: We also offer free trials of the ezeep Hub, with no shipping costs for existing Legacy users. Simply fill out the form on this webpage if you are interested in learning more! 

ezeep Blue: And There’s More to Discover

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