My Printers

Empowering Users to Choose Their Own Printers The new My Printers feature in the ezeep Blue User Portal empowers users to manage their own printers, all without IT involvement. Not only does My Printers reduce the burden on IT to manage user access to printers, but it also gives mobile and flex users complete control over printing… Read More

Print Monitoring

  One often overlooked way to improve efficiency and save money is through print monitoring software. Print monitoring, a powerful feature of ezeep, allows you to better monitor print jobs and print servers and monitor printer usage in your organization. Here’s how print job monitoring can help you… Read More

Print Later

Much more than deferred printing, Print Later makes it possible to pick up print jobs at a later time. It also offers you a simple way to use printers that aren’t currently connected to your device. Possible Scenarios Print from your home office and later release the print jobs… Read More

Secure Pull Printing

Introduce a secure and modern print environment with ezeep’s easy-to-set-up pull printing solution. A straightforward user authentication workflow ensures that documents are only printed once the user is at the printer, reducing data loss and printing costs. With ezeep’s cloud-based pull printing solution, printouts are not output directly to… Read More

Driver Store

Managing printer drivers is often very stressful. Not with ezeep Dash. Instead of laboriously compiling printer drivers and uploading them to the cloud, conveniently choose them from the cloud console. ezeep Dash has a selection of hundreds of printer drivers in its cloud driver store. Read More

Print Security

ezeep runs industry standard security measures for its infrastructure and software as well as security features around document confidentiality for administrators and users. Our service is GDPR compliant. Cloud-Managed Printing with ezeep is secure. Files sent to our server are sent over an encrypted connection. Read More

User Management

ezeep’s user management allows you to define printer access and visibility for groups, individuals, guests and your entire organization. Defining printer access and visibility is flexible and automatically updated across all clients for all users.     Key Features SSO integration with SAML for advanced user management and… Read More

Print Rules

Print rules can be set up to control use of printers for users, groups or your entire organization to drive down print volume and per page costs. Consistent but non-intrusive notifications are served to users on mobile and desktop if and when necessary to ensure awareness.    … Read More

Driverless Printing

ezeep for desktop is a virtual printer driver for Mac and Windows. It enables users to print to any printer right from their desktop applications without the need to install or maintain printer drivers. ezeep for desktop enforces all policies, pricing or quotas you’ve set.  … Read More

Cloud Native

ezeep solutions are based on the newest cloud technology standards and were designed for the cloud from the start. This not only ensures maximum scalability but also the highest availability and performance. This makes ezeep significantly different from solutions that are just a single server in the… Read More