Reduce Printing Costs

ezeep eliminates complex print infrastructure. Getting rid of print servers will save you costs for hardware, software and IT administration.

Reduce printing costs by eliminating print servers and help desk calls


Lower your costs with streamlined IT architecture and printing that doesn’t require IT support. The optional, user-friendly self-service portal allows users to adjust various print settings themselves. If they have printing problems, they can initiate first aid troubleshooting measures at the press of a button. This makes printing-related help desk calls a thing of the past. In addition, all manual tasks – including installing and updating printer drivers – are eliminated.

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  • Eliminate print servers: When printing without print servers, costs for hardware, software and IT administration are eliminated.
  • Secure pull printing avoids unnecessary printing and printouts left in the output tray. This reduces the consumption of paper, cartridges, toner and energy.
  • Reduce help desk calls: Thanks to ezeep’s MyPrinters feature, users have printing fully under control.
  • No more manual tasks: It is no longer necessary to install and update printer drivers on PCs and Macs.
  • Define cost-saving printer settings for users or user groups: Make black and white and/or two-sided printing the standard.