Eliminate Print Servers

Now manage your print environment through an intuitive cloud console. Print servers or other management servers are no longer necessary to ensure trouble-free printing.

Until now, you needed print servers for the centralized management of print environments and to guarantee reliable printing in your company. ezeep Dash frees you from the burden of traditional print management. The solution replaces the complexity of print servers with the simplicity of a cloud portal. With just a few clicks, you can manage printers, printer drivers, users or IP ranges conveniently in the cloud. No manual adjustments to users’ PCs and Macs are even necessary.

ezeep Dash eliminates print servers thanks to print management in the cloud.


The intuitive cloud portal takes on the tasks of a print server.



  • Easy assignment of users:
    In the cloud portal, simply enter new users or groups or import them. With just one click, your employees are invited to direct IP printing.
  • Set up printers in 3 simple steps:
    Name the printers, select the appropriate printer drivers from the well-stocked driver store and assign them to users, user groups or IP ranges.
  • Effortlessly allocate printer drivers:
    Simply choose the printer drivers and profiles in the cloud portal. When you update printer drivers, the new drivers are automatically rolled out to PCs and Macs.
  • Automatic printer installation on PCs and Macs
    Thanks to the ezeep Dash User Assistant, new printers and printer drivers are automatically installed in the background on users’ devices.
  • Centrally change IP addresses
    If a printer’s IP address changes, simply enter the new IP address in the cloud portal. The ezeep Dash User Assistant on the PCs and Macs guarantees that new IP addresses are carried over.
  • Customized printer assignment
    Printers or printer groups can be assigned to individual users, user groups or IP ranges with a click. The ezeep Dash User Assistant ensures that the assigned printers are automatically available to the users.

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Google Cloud Print:
Found Your Replacement Yet?

Google Cloud Print was discontinued on December 31, 2020. Find out why ezeep is the ideal alternative and how to prepare for a smooth transition.



Powered by ThinPrint

Powered by ThinPrint

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