Eliminate Print Servers

Print servers are out of fashion – with ezeep, printing moves entirely to the cloud. Thanks to ezeep’s cloud print management, maintenance-intensive infrastructures are a thing of the past.

More and more business applications and processes are being moved to the cloud, and thanks to ezeep Blue, printing has finally moved too. Up until now, print servers were needed to centrally manage print environments and to ensure reliable enterprise printing. ezeep Blue frees businesses from the burden of traditional print management and replaces the complexity of print servers with the simplicity of its cloud portal and the ezeep Hub.

Cloud Print Management Replaces Costly and High-Maintenance Print Servers

ezeep Blue’s cloud print management lowers your costs:

  • Thanks to ezeep’s cloud-based print management, you are spared the high acquisition, operation and maintenance costs of print servers.
  • The low-cost, completely maintenance-free ezeep Hub connects any printer to the cloud in an instant, replacing local servers and Windows PCs. Since all print jobs are securely TSL-encrypted, there is no need for VPN connections for branch offices.


ezeep Blue Relieves Your IT Staff:

  • Migration is easy with ezeep. With just a few clicks, printers and users are created and centrally managed in the intuitive web portal.
  • ezeep has moved all print management to the cloud: IT admins don’t have to worry about server maintenance, driver updates and incompatibilities, upgrades or failovers, or users’ operating systems and devices.
  • Cloud-managed, user-friendly printing minimizes print-related help desk calls.
  • Thanks to cloud rendering there is no need to install and update printer drivers on users’ devices.


Flexible Cloud Printing for Every Need:

  • A cloud-based printing infrastructure makes it much easier to flexibly connect employees who want to print on the go with mobile devices, in home office or on the go, as opposed to with rigid, server-based environments.
  • Users print easily and securely, no matter where they are or from which device.
  • Cloud print management flexibly adapts to all business needs and allows you to easily scale your print environment. Want to go from 10 to 10,000 users? No sweat in the cloud.
  • Convenient web console instead of print server