How To Improve Label Printing Across Any Industry with ezeep Blue

Label printing is an indispensable cross-industry operation, playing a pivotal role in many workflows. In logistics and shipment management, it is utilized to mark parcels, create freight documents, and ensure the smooth transport of goods. In healthcare, label printing is essential for labeling medication packaging, identifying patient records, and tracking medicines.

And yet despite its importance, getting label printing up and running is not always easy. Whether you are looking to connect a label printer to a laptop to automate your warehouse label printing, or just want to connect a Zebra or Dymo label printer to the network to print out a Shopify label, you can easily run into problems. In this post, we take a look at some of the common challenges with label printing in businesses and see how ezeep Blue can help.

The Printer Driver Conundrum in Label Printing – Customizing Your Label

The market offers a plethora of printing solutions that allow label printing through PDF conversion of documents. However, these solutions often lack specific settings for print output and thus cannot fully support label printers or deliver the label you need. ezeep Blue differs by enabling documents to be printed either via a virtual or native printer driver, depending on the need.

Using original printer drivers intended by the manufacturers, ezeep Blue accounts for all the nuances of label printers and specific paper formats. This ensures that labels are printed in the desired quality with high precision. Moreover, all printer drivers with ezeep are present in the cloud and do not need to be installed on each system separately. This makes it possible to seamlessly connect mobile devices with label printers, whether in the office or in a warehouse.

How to Remotely Manage Label Printers

Integrating label printers into a business environment and managing them can prove difficult, especially as labels printers can often find themselves in distant warehouses, far away from the central IT. ezeep Blue simplifies this too, managing label printers as simply as traditional office printers via the ezeep Blue Admin Portal.

The ezeep Hub device connects label printers to the cloud effortlessly, whereever they may be. This plug-and-play device ensures the correct allocation of printers at remote locations like branches or warehouses. Since the Hub automatically recognizes printers, no on-site administrator is needed. There is no need for a print server or VPN for printing at remote locations, simplifying the setup and ensuring smooth operation.

Drucklösungen für Einzelhandels- und Logistikunternehmen
The ezeep Hub

How to Integrate Warehouse Label Printing with Web Apps

In business environments where label printing is key, integrating a printing function into a web application is often necessary to support business processes seamlessly. However, this integration often requires extensive development work and knowledge of specific printer drivers and protocols. This complexity can lead to development delays and additional costs.

Adapting the print function to various printer models and manufacturers is frequently complex, as different printers have different protocols and requirements.

With ezeep, integrating the print function into web applications can be comfortably achieved using our low-code ezeep.js or by directly addressing the ezeep API. This enables companies to seamlessly integrate their applications into the label printing process.

How To Automate Label Printing Without Any Code

Thanks to ezeep’s integration into various automation platforms, labels can be printed automatically without coding too. Alternatively, the ezeep Blue API can be used too. Recently, Zapier, Make, Pabbly Connect, or print jobs triggered by the ezeep Blue API have even become part of our Free Plan. Thus, even smaller companies with tighter budgets can use ezeep Blue as a free label-printing software for up to 50 printed pages per month. User-friendly Zapier print workflows can be created directly in the ezeep Blue Admin Portal too.

In e-commerce, automated label printing is crucial to expedite shipping and order processing. These practical examples demonstrate how ezeep Blue seamlessly integrates into existing workflows and enhances them:

  • Learn how a used parts dealer facilitates his work and saves time with automated printing of pre-prepared shipping labels.
  • Read about how an industrial company with a remote warehouse uses ezeep Blue to seamlessly and automatically print labels generated in SAP on Zebra printers.
  • By using ezeep Blue, a retailer could optimize its warehouse labeling by efficiently outputting labels over RDS sessions to Zebra printers.


Label printing can be fraught with challenges that impact business operations. ezeep Blue offers an innovative and cost-effective solution to automate label printing, minimize errors, and increase overall efficiency. By integrating ezeep Blue, companies can optimize their label printing processes and meet the demands of a modern business world.