ezeep Blue is Chrome Enterprise Recommended

ezeep Blue, the ideal solution for printing from ChromeOS, is now officially Chrome Enterprise Recommended.

ezeep is a Chrome Enterprise Recommended solution

Enjoy the Benefits of Managed Cloud Printing

Many businesses are looking for a simple way to manage printing for their employees, students and guests. With ezeep Blue and the ezeep Hub, you instantly benefit from cloud printing, without any of the costs of PCs or servers. Access to printers is managed via an uncomplicated web portal, and users print with ease from any device. No drivers or training are required, and support calls drop significantly.

ezeep Blue is optimized for Chrome OS devices
ezeep Blue is the easiest way to connect entire offices, homes, and remote workplaces to a reliable and fast print infrastructure.

ezeep Blue Delivers Server-free, Secure, Enterprise-Ready Cloud Printing for Google’s Ecosystem