Design automated print workflows for thousands of apps – all without a single line of code. What Is Make? Make is a visual, no-code platform that lets you build and automate your printing processes, ranging from simple “when-then” printing, up to complex workflows involving conditional… Read more

DocuSign Printing

When HR manager Anne Hoffmann updates documents such as personnel contracts, she requires an employee’s signature as the final step. Currently, she has agreed on a pay raise with an employee in the development team. She entered this change into the corresponding contract. To send the modified document to the… Read more

Print Gmail Attachments

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Dropbox Printing

For many people, Dropbox is the central place to store their documents. Through a range of integration options, documents from many other applications can be stored in Dropbox’s storage. That’s why Dropbox is an ideal starting block for an automated print workflow. What is Dropbox? Dropbox is a cloud storage… Read more