Endpoint Print Management

Endpoint Print Management Completes Your Endpoint Management Strategy

Endpoint management covers many aspects. The main purpose of an endpoint management system is to flexibly integrate and conveniently manage all types of end devices. At the same time, the endpoint management solution must ensure that the company fully meets all security requirements. In addition to traditional device management, it is also important to include printing in any endpoint management strategy.

ezeep Dash’s endpoint print management guarantees the correct assignment of printers to the respective end devices and users – without even requiring a print server. ezeep Dash therefore perfectly complements your existing endpoint management system.

Endpoint Management is even better with endpoint print management.


Securely Managed Printing for All Your Endpoint Devices

  • Instant endpoint print management: Simply log in, define users, select drivers and assign printers to individual users, groups or IP ranges.
  • Unplug your print servers: We’ve moved the entire print management to the cloud. Take care of printers, printer drivers, users, IP addresses, i.e. your entire print infrastructure, conveniently via the cloud console. Eliminate print servers »
  • Easily deploy printer drivers: Simply select printer drivers from the extensive driver store – no more tedious driver uploads and updates.
  • Self-Managed Users: ezeep Dash users can easily manage their printers and default settings themselves using the user-friendly Self Service Portals.

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Need a Google Cloud Print Alternative?

Google has ended its popular cloud printing service. No need to worry though: ezeep Blue is now free for private users.



Powered by ThinPrint

Powered by ThinPrint

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