Design automated print workflows for thousands of apps – all without a single line of code. What Is Make? Make is a visual, no-code platform that lets you build and automate your printing processes, ranging from simple “when-then” printing, up to complex workflows involving conditional… Read more

Mobile Session Print

With ezeep Blue, smartphone and tablet users print to local printers from any remote and virtual desktop session More and more companies are opting for hybrid work models, enabling employees to work flexibly from multiple locations. Employees often use mobile devices to access corporate resources and remote desktops… Read more

DocuSign Printing

When HR manager Anne Hoffmann updates documents such as personnel contracts, she requires an employee’s signature as the final step. Currently, she has agreed on a pay raise with an employee in the development team. She entered this change into the corresponding contract. To send the modified document to the… Read more

Print Gmail Attachments

Gmail, one of the leading email solutions, plays a key role in daily work for many people and is an essential hub for communication. The more standardized processes that are handled through Gmail, the more likely it is that automated printing of email attachments would be useful. What is Gmail?… Read more

Dropbox Printing

For many people, Dropbox is the central place to store their documents. Through a range of integration options, documents from many other applications can be stored in Dropbox’s storage. That’s why Dropbox is an ideal starting block for an automated print workflow. What is Dropbox? Dropbox is a cloud storage… Read more

Installation-Free Printing

With ezeep, users can print instantly and easily via their web browser. When it comes to user support, printing is one of the most time-consuming IT services. Often users who print the least cause the greatest workload since they frequently lack the relevant information. In addition, new employees, workers… Read more

Windows Printing

No more printer driver installations or print server maintenance. With ezeep Blue, printing with Windows becomes even easier.   Advantages All company printers are immediately available to users. Changes to the printers also take effect immediately, all without the users having to do anything. Say goodbye to printer… Read more

VMware Horizon Printing

ezeep enhances the DaaS cloud solution VMware Horizon with flawless print management. With VMware Horizon, virtual desktops and applications can be deployed securely and quickly. But a functioning, future-ready workforce also requires hassle-free printing. That’s why ezeep optimises every VMware solution and relieves IT administration of the previously… Read more

Mac Printing

Apple MacBooks are becoming increasingly popular for businesses, but unfortunately, Mac printing often remains a challenge. With ezeep Blue, integrating MacBooks and other Apple devices into the printing infrastructure couldn’t be easier. Network segments, print servers, and more can be a challenge when printing from Apple’s Mac devices. Even… Read more

Home Office Printing

ezeep Hub enables remote home office workers to securely and conveniently print corporate resources to their home office printers Home Office Printing Is a Challenge – For Users and IT More employees than ever are working in home offices as part of hybrid work models, for example. Read more