Serverless Printing

Real Serverless Printing with ezeep Blue

ezeep Blue allows you to eliminate print servers, and it doesn’t even need any other server components for print management. That’s why ezeep is the optimal for serverless printing solution. ezeep offers the perfect print management for companies already working completely in the cloud or those that want to eliminate print servers.


Serverless architecture thanks to print management without print servers

  • 100% serverless printing with the ezeep Hub
    Instead of using complex print or management servers, use the tiny cloud based print server, the ezeep Hub, to easily connect any printer to the cloud and to your users.
  • Manage any location across network boundaries
    With just one central admin portal, you can manage any number of locations or branch offices, assign printers, track print usage and more. Even locations with only one printer and two to three workstations benefit from no longer needing to manually install and configure printer drivers.




  • 100% cloud based print management software for any enterprise
    IT admins don’t have to worry about server maintenance, driver updates and incompatibilities, upgrades or failovers, or users’ operating systems and devices.
  • A serverless printing solution that eliminates print driver management
    Thousands of printer drivers are hosted in the ezeep Blue cloud driver pool, meaning you simply select the driver you need – no installations or driver maintenance required.