DocuSign Printing

When HR manager Anne Hoffmann updates documents such as personnel contracts, she requires an employee’s signature as the final step. Currently, she has agreed on a pay raise with an employee in the development team. She entered this change into the corresponding contract. To send the modified document to the employee for signature, Anne Hoffmann uses DocuSign.

What is DocuSign?

DocuSign is a leading signature solution that makes it possible to fully automate previously paper-based processes. After sending the draft contract, the employee receives a message that a document is ready for signature. The colleague can now insert their digital signature. After completing this step, Anne receives an email with the signed document. This then completes the signing process. The entire process up to this point is completely digital. But now Anne also has to file the new contract in printed form in a folder.


Easy DocuSign printing with ezeep

Why DocuSign Printing?

Employees in other companies are often in the same situation as Anne. Often, for legal reasons alone, a signed document must be finally printed and filed. With ezeep, DocuSign printing is very easy and possible without any programming knowledge. If archiving contracts in paper form is important, a printer can be set up specifically for archiving.

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