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Gmail, one of the leading email solutions, plays a key role in daily work for many people and is an essential hub for communication. The more standardized processes that are handled through Gmail, the more likely it is that automated printing of email attachments would be useful.

What is Gmail?

Gmail accounts can be either completely free with advertising, or paid, as part of Google Workspace. Gmail generally only allows automation for paid accounts.

In many cases, emails have often replaced paper communication, but there are always use cases where paper is much easier to handle than an email. Two scenarios stand out clearly; orders for employees and the secure storage of documents.

If documents are to be stored in paper form for security reasons, this can be set up very easily using a Gmail printing combination. It’s often easier to pass on orders to employees in paper form. For example, ordering food in the restaurant kitchen, timber sawing in a hardware store, or commissioning goods in a warehouse. Printing Gmail attachments can be a very useful addition to business processes, as seen with these examples.


Print Gmail attachments easily with ezeep

How to Print Documents from Gmail?

Documents from Gmail can be printed very easily by combining Gmail with ezeep Blue. This is best done through integration via Zapier. All email attachments that meet a previously defined condition, for example, that have a certain subject, are automatically forwarded to ezeep for printing.

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