Installation-Free Printing

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With ezeep, users can print instantly and easily via their web browser.

When it comes to user support, printing is one of the most time-consuming IT services. Often users who print the least cause the greatest workload since they frequently lack the relevant information. In addition, new employees, workers in other locations, and guests often don’t succeed right away when printing on-site.

In all these examples, it would be helpful if printing could be achieved easily and without any installation required. This is exactly what ezeep offers. Once invited to an ezeep account, users can access the ezeep user portal via any web browser. Here, they can upload the documents to be printed or simply print them via drag & drop. The portal automatically displays the printers assigned to users.

Print from Any Device

Printing via upload is suitable for any device that has an upload-capable browser. This ensures that all end devices are supported. Of course, the ezeep printer driver, or one of the device-specific ezeep apps, can also be used for printing. For on-the-spot printing though, upload printing is ideal.

Self-Registration Eases the Load on IT

In many cases, IT administrators don’t even know which users want to print. Therefore, ezeep provides a page where users can register themselves. This is helpful for all areas with numerous changing users, such as universities, coworking spaces, or hotels. At the same time, this reduces the IT admin workload since no interaction with users is even necessary in these cases.