PC, Mac, Chromebook Printing

Windows Printing

No more printer driver installations or print server maintenance. With ezeep Blue, printing with Windows becomes even easier.   Advantages All company printers are immediately available to users. Changes to the printers also take effect immediately, all without the users having to do anything. Say goodbye to printer… Read more

Mac Printing

Apple MacBooks are becoming increasingly popular for businesses, but unfortunately, Mac printing often remains a challenge. With ezeep Blue, integrating MacBooks and other Apple devices into the printing infrastructure couldn’t be easier. Network segments, print servers, and more can be a challenge when printing from Apple’s Mac devices. Even… Read more

Home Office Printing

ezeep Hub enables remote home office workers to securely and conveniently print corporate resources to their home office printers Home Office Printing Is a Challenge – For Users and IT More employees than ever are working in home offices as part of hybrid work models, for example. Read more

Chrome Printing

Easy and Secure Chrome Printing for Chromebook and Chrome Browser Users Chromebooks are popular among both companies and educational institutions. The devices however struggle when it comes to printing. While Chromebook users can send documents unmanaged to compatible printer models, IT departments had no way of embedding these devices… Read more