Edge Printing for IGEL OS

With the integration of ezeep into IGEL OS – IGEL’s next-gen edge OS for cloud workspaces – secured workstations can not only run a complete Windows desktop via Remote Desktop or Azure Virtual Desktop, but also print securely thanks to ezeep Edge Printing.

ezeep Edge Printing Lets You Print from IGEL Endpoints Easily and Securely

With the UD Pocket Endpoint from IGEL, any PC, laptop or compatible x86 end device with a 64-bit CPU can be converted into a thin client. By using such endpoints, companies can ensure that no data can be moved onto and stored on private computers. Thanks to the integration with ezeep, this now also applies to printing.

ezeep Edge Printing Lets You Print from IGEL Endpoints Easily and Securely

The IGEL UD Pocket allows the IGEL OS to run directly from USB. (Source: IGEL)

ezeep makes printing seriously easy: Since the entire printing process is relocated to the cloud, nothing needs to be configured on the endpoints (thin clients) for ezeep Edge Printing. IGEL-OS printers can be accessed via WiFi, Ethernet or USB. As a result, no special printers or additional hardware is required to set up simple, reliable and secure printing with ezeep. Neither a printing system nor printer drivers are required on the end device. This prevents sensitive data from inadvertently remaining in a local print queue.


Convenient and Fast Printing with Azure Virtual Desktop and Linux

IGEL OS is a particularly secure Linux operating system. Thanks to the ezeep integration, it is now possible for the first time to print from an Azure Virtual Desktop directly with a Linux system and without any additional infrastructure on site. But that’s not all: ezeep Edge Printing is just as convenient and fast as printing from a normal Windows PC.


The Easiest and Most Secure Solution for the Home Office

Thanks to the combination of IGEL’s Edge operating system and ezeep, companies can now move workstations to the home office completely without security concerns. Not only do employees have secure access to their corporate applications, but thanks to ezeep Edge Printing, they can print quickly, reliably and securely to their home and office printers.


Cost-Effective Edge Printing and Branch Office Endpoints

In addition to providing direct support for printing at the workstations, it is also possible to consolidate printing at branch offices via an IGEL endpoint. Combined with ezeep Edge Printing, the IGEL endpoint assumes the role of a local print server but is completely maintenance-free and centrally managed.


What ezeep Edge Printing Offers You

  • Direct integration into the IGEL OS, no software installation required
  • Neither printer drivers nor local print servers are required
  • The best possible integration with Azure Virtual Desktop
  • High-performance print output through optimal compression and streaming
  • Secure printing by encrypting print jobs and easily controlling printer assignments and permissions for home office printing